The antiviral Remdesivir has been approved as a treatment for patients hospitalized with Covid-19. The benefits of this drug were confirmed in a publication in the New England Journal of Medicine.

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The antiviral Remdesivir, from the Gilead Sciences laboratory, has received treatment authorization for hospitalized patients Covid-19 from the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA, for its acronyms in English). It is the first drug approved to fight the disease.

As of May, the drug was approved for emergency use. President Donald trump He is perhaps the most famous patient to be treated with remdesivir earlier this month, when he was hospitalized for contracting coronavirus, although it was not the only drug applied.

The magazine New England Journal of Medicine posted a report on October 8, where he confirmed the benefits of the antiviral. Following the announcement, Gilead shares rose 4%.

Infodemic in Latin America

Latin America is the region most affected by the “infodemicOverall, according to the Bruno Kessler Foundation’s Covid-19 Infodemic Observatory.

This foundation follows 83 countries around the world, in which it has found that the 15 countries with the lowest level of reliability of coronavirus information are in this region. Only 59% of what is posted on social media falls into the category of trustworthy.

For example, one in four tweets made in Peru Yes Venezuela it has data that can be corroborated, from rigorous and reliable sources.

The World Health Organization has published a series of tips for preventing the spread of disinformation.

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