As rescue efforts continue in Central America, the death toll is rising. UNICEF is raising funds to help 646,000 people affected by the Eta-Iota crossing in less than two weeks.

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After the passage of Iota Yes Eta in less than two weeks for central America, Unicef started raising funds to help 646,000 affected people for both hurricanes.

The total affected by Eta, the first of the cyclones to hit the region, stands at 4.6 million.
Meanwhile, Iota’s damage accounts continue.

As Storm Iota rescue efforts continue in Central America, the death toll is rising. The figure rose to 44 people on Thursday, but is expected to rise when rescuers reach isolated communities.

In Nicaragua 18 people died, 14 in Honduras, five in Guatemala, two in the Colombian archipelago of Providence, one on Panama and another in The Savior.

In addition, some 160,000 Nicaraguans and 70,000 Hondurans have had to seek refuge in shelters, according to an agency count. Reuters.

Hurricanes and pandemics

Honduran Deputy Health Minister Roberto Cosenza reported that more than 875 people living in shelters who suffered Covid-19 in San Pedro Sula they tested positive.

International aid workers and local church leaders said Reuters that the sanitary conditions in the shelters in Honduras are insufficient to prevent the contagion of covid-19. Refugees do not have masks, there is no social distancing, and hand washing is rare.

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