The federal government plans to apply more than 400,000 Pfizer Covid-19 vaccines this week to 879 hospitals treating patients with Covid-19 in all 32 states.

Guadalupe Franco

With the arrival this morning of 439 thousand 725 doses of the vaccine against Covid-19 in Mexico, the second phase of expansion of the National Vaccination Plan has started in the health staff of 879 hospitals treating the pandemic in the 32 entities of the first line. federative.

During the presentation of the vaccine distribution and logistics plan, the Secretary of National Defense, Luis Crecensio Sandoval, estimated that the application of these doses will take place in three days.

He explained that the distribution of vaccines, under military protection, will be done by six land routes to Mexico City, Querétaro, Puebla, Hidalgo, Morelos and Tlaxcala.

“At 1:20 pm, we will start the distribution channels. There will be seven land routes: six to neighboring states and the Mexico route; On land routes, we have, for example, the one in Mexico which will be intended for the 69 CDMX hospitals that are treating this pandemic. The redistribution point will be in our facilities in Tlalpan ”

Luis Crecensio Sandoval, Secretary of National Defense

Luis Crecensio Sandoval explained that the distribution plan offers 179 other land routes and eight air routes, in which 46 planes will be used, to transport the vaccine to 879 hospitals in the country.

“In each of the hospitals, there will already be the“ Roadrunner ”brigade, the vaccination brigade which will be responsible for receiving all the corresponding packages in these hospitals. For the application of vaccines, we have considered three days, today will be all the movement and from tomorrow the vaccination will begin. There are 879 hospitals and 32 redistribution centers ”

Luis Crecensio Sandoval, Secretary of National Defense

Likewise, the head of Sedena indicated that 879 “Roadrunner” brigades will be deployed for each Covid-19 hospital in the country, made up of ten officials and two volunteers, totaling 120,000 brigade members.

On his occasion, the Under-Secretary for Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo López Gatell, said that from today the massive application of vaccines in Mexico is being accelerated, where it will drop from 13 1,000 vaccine units in 32 states.

López Gatell added that next March Mexico will have the Covid-19 vaccine from AstraZeneca and Oxford and announced that Cofepris is already reviewing the Russian Sputnik V vaccine dossier, so he hopes that its use in Mexico will be authorized shortly. .

For his part, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced that no later than April of this year 15 million older people will be vaccinated against Covid-19 and that the vaccination later will be applied to patients with chronic diseases.

“After we finish immunizing this group of health workers, we will start immunizing the elderly. It is estimated that we will be vaccinating 15 million elderly people from this January no later than April […], the rationale is that this is a vulnerable population and if we immunized all the elderly, we would reduce covid mortality by 80% ”

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador

Upon receipt of the new shipment of vaccines at Mexico City’s international airport, the Secretary of External Relations, Marcelo Ebrard, confirmed the reservation of information in the vaccine contracts, in particular concerning the price of the doses.

“We have information restrictions that are contractual, Mr. President, not just in Mexico; All of the countries that we have signed these contracts with with Pfizer, AstraZeneca will come later and probably others, have this restriction. Why? Because they have to protect their price information and other data, because it is a very special and urgent time around the world. And among themselves, companies take great care of this information. The Mexican government makes known the number of vaccines, the characteristics of the vaccines, what is the additional investment and as in everything else, we are completely transparent because there is nothing to hide here, quite the contrary ”

Marcelo Ebrard, Secretary for External Relations

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