Spain and France are the first two countries in Europe to exceed one million positive cases of Covid-19. With these reports, there are already seven countries that have more than a million infections ahead of a worrying second wave of infections.

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France overcame the barrier of million infections by Covid-19, according to figures from Johns Hopkins University. It is the second European country to reach this figure, for hours before, the Ministry of Health of Spain exceeded its first million confirmed cases after notification 17 thousand new contagions.

Are already seven countries in the world who overcome such a barrier: United States, more … than 8.3 million; India, with 7.7; Brazil, with 5.2 , Russia, with 1.4, Argentina, Spain Yes France, which just hit one million.

Comparative graph of the 7 countries with more than 1 million positive cases for Covid-19. Microsoft interactive map.

Burgos and Aranda de Duero have joined the towns on lockdown, a measure implemented to stop the epidemics. This Thursday, the Navarre region will also be closed.

In UK the increase in infections also continues. Yorkshire in the north of England will enter High Alert Category 3 on Saturday, so family reunions will be banned.

Meanwhile, the government of Italy admitted that the situation is out of control. Three regions will begin to have a curfew this week. In addition, the temporary hospitals in Milan and Bergamo, two of the cities most affected in the first wave, will be reopened.

Volunteer dies during test for covid-19 vaccine developed by AstraZeneca

Brazilian volunteer who died of complications from Covid-19 and participated in clinical trials of vaccine experimental of AstraZeneca and the Oxford University, did not receive the immunization dose, but a substance used as a placebo.

This according to a report presented by a source linked to the international study obtained by the newspaper The ball. However, for reasons of legal confidentiality, neither the laboratory nor the centers responsible for the tests can officially declare whether the volunteer received a placebo or not.

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