Coahuila is one of the largest states in the country and its population is dispersed. Faced with the most complex elections that have taken place in Mexico, they must face the challenges they have always had of abstaining, added to the context of the covid-19 pandemic

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Coahuila is one of the largest states in the north of the country and, for this reason, its population is geographically dispersed and around two million citizens are registered on the electoral roll.

In addition, it is one of the five states in which the PRI has always governed, according to Dr José Fernández Santillán, professor at the Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico City campus:

“The post of governor is not at stake here, but the image of the governor is at stake, in the case of Coahuila, Miguel Ángel Riquelme and in Hidalgo, Omar Fayad”

The doctor stressed that the important thing is how the government and the local legislature will be formed, because in order to carry out constitutional reforms, the approval of the majority of the states of the republic is necessary.

“They are the prelude to the 2021 elections, without a doubt”

These are midterm elections and they are the largest and most complex Mexico has had, explained the doctor, for 15 governorates, 30 legislatures, 2,000 municipal councils out of the 2,457 that the country will be at stake. .

As if that weren’t enough, the challenge is compounded by the complicated context we find ourselves in due to the covid-19 pandemic.

“It remains to be seen whether people, out of fear of the pandemic, training and waiting a long time to vote, better decide to stay home. Abstention is the great enemy to be defeated in these elections ”

The alternative is the electronic ballot box and this is the first time that this modality will be applied in certain municipalities.

“Reliability will come out of this first practice, we don’t know. The truth is, I am more than “old fashioned”, that we are continuing with the voting system. […] In Mexico, we have a long history of electoral fraud, so why bother ”

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